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2011-08-20 - DS Doom 1.2.1 uploaded.

2011-08-14 - PWAD and DEH Support.

With the release of hbmenu 0.4.1 we now have the ability to pass command lines to DS Doom which makes it particularly easy to run mods. Have a look at the documentation page for more details.

2011-08-10 - DS Doom 1.2.0 uploaded.

2007-08-02 - DS Doom 1.1.2 uploaded.

2007-08-01 - Site redesigned.

2006-08-08 - DS Doom 1.1.1 uploaded.

2006-08-08 - DS Doom 1.0.0 uploaded.

2006-08-07 - Site created.

A lot of functionality has been implemented in the SVN repository over the past week or so and DSDoom is basically ready to be released for beta testing.