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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will my G6 or other media device be supported?

Assuming your device uses DLDI autopatching, which most modern cards do, then everything should be working fine.

Why did I just get a Guru Meditation data abort error?

As of now, online netplay is particularly unstable. Restart the game and continue playing.

Where can I get the source?

You can obtain the source code from the DS Doom code repository.

How do I contact the authors?

Please feel free to use the contact form provided.

Where do I get the PrBoom server?

You can get the PrBoom server for your chosen platform from the PrBoom Site. DS Doom is based on prboom 2.4.2

I don't have Doom, where can I get a WAD to play?

You can use the shareware doom WAD, download it from the DOS Games Archive.

What else do they ask me a lot?

Fill me in.